At Deco & Deco, we are passionate about providing premium drapery, cabinet and door hardware, and delivering exceptional value to our customers since 2004. We have over 40 years of roots in the industry based on the experience of the owner’s family business and their legacy of producing high quality products.

Deco & Deco is the top choice of Professional Designers, Workrooms and Architects in the US and Canada for their residential and commercial projects because they know they can get unique quality products with incomparable value and a superior service experience.

At Deco & Deco, stunning design, quality and value are goals that are reached with each customer served.

We have an art for manufacturing, sourcing and importing only the finest materials from hand-crafted metals (Solid Brass, Zinc, Iron), Italian Murano Glass to European crystals from all parts of the world. The result is a globally curated collection of products that will make a statement in any environment. We create each and every exquisite piece of our line with immaculate attention to detail. Our methods are superior as well, using both traditional and innovative techniques to produce products that are timeless and crafted for a lifetime. Our manufacturing facility in India is fully equipped for in house design with CNC Machines and capabilities to handle extrusion, forging, polishing and sand casting. Finished products are forwarded to our Toronto, Canada warehouse where we keep full stock of all inventory offered. All of this means better quality products delivered quickly.

The Man Behind Deco & Deco

Owner of Deco & Deco Rohit Vijay started his professional career in the early ’90s, when he joined his well-established family business in India, one of the largest manufacturers of premium-quality door hardware. His passion grew and took him to Australia, where he earned a Masters degree of International Business Management at Victoria University in Melbourne. From there…

Rohit’s philosophy centres on distinctive, uncommon products. He has circled the globe in search of the finest materials and bona fide industry experts who have imparted a wealth of worldly knowledge that Rohit continues to employ in his business today.

Rohit’s tireless efforts and love for his trade is evidenced by the company’s growth and success. Today, Deco & Deco employees are dedicated to the continuance of past generations’ work ethic, quality and passion.

Deco & Deco is your source for premium drapery hardware, cabinet knobs, hinges, door hardware and solid brass accessories – the finishing touches that make all the difference. After all, the passion is in the details.